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18th International Photo contest of La Gacilly

Welcome to the 18th International Photo contest of La Gacilly

As part of the 16th International Festival of La Gacilly 2019, "people and nature" an international competition of digital pictures is organized by the Photo Club of La Gacilly Festival partner

The competition is open to all.

Regulations on image rights and authors as FPF regulations, FIAP, PSA, ISF and GPU in force. (See the end of regulation).

Special Note: To enter and save your photos, each candidate will have to check a box indicating that he has read the rules and accept it. Do not meet this requirement will prevent participate.

** Two sections:

Theme 1 - Color free - Section A - Only color (PID color)

Theme 2 - Nature - SECTION B - Color or Monochrome, unattended image - not only photographs of "Wildlife" (ND).


Send digital files via the Internet on the website of the Contest of La Gacilly Photo Club, pictures JPEG 1920X1080 (1080 in the largest vertical dimension) , 2MB max weight in sRGB. Each referenced file as requested on the online registration page on the festival website or the club and as instructed.




Medals and mentions of sponsoring institutions and endorsements,

PSA, FIAP, ISF, GPU, FPS, and books offered by the partners at all prices.

Thanks to the partnership with the magazine Chasseur d'Images and Nat 'Images, a reprint pictures of the charts will be sent to each participant who took the first payment formula, together with documentation on the 2019 Festival, "People and Nature ". The winners will be exhibited at the International Festival photo Gacilly - 310,000 visitors last year.

One prize per author will be granted by against it will be possible to get a price and one or more mentions. (See results of the competition in 2018 on the club website).

This year again the photos of the winners will be exhibited at the International Festival of Gacilly. The festival celebrated its 15th anniversary last year, accompanied by a large audience, attracted by programming 2018. The festival which attracted over 310 000 visitors.

official Award ceremony Saturday, June 1, 2019 at the inauguration of the 16th festival.


The competition is open to all

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Participants warrant that they are the only owners of the rights and elements of their images and allow the organizers to use their images for FREE only for projection, the gallery "2019 Competition" and the promotion of competition and the 16th Photo Festival La Gacilly. High-resolution files will be specially requested.

"By submitting their photos or files to a salon under Patronage FIAP, entrant agrees without exception or objection as follows:
- that discounts images can be examined by FIAP to establish whether they comply with the regulations and definitions of FIAP even if the participant is not a member of the FIAP .

- that FIAP can use all the means at its disposal for this company
- any refusal to cooperate with the FIAP or refusal to submit original files taken by the camera, or the failure to provide sufficient evidence, will laFIAP sanctioned.
- in the event of sanctions suites violations of the rules of FIAP, the participant's name will be published in any form useful to inform the organizers of these crimes.

"I expressly declare myself in agreement with the provisions of FIAP 2014/317 regulation" demand conditions patronage and regulations for the organization of international photographic events "in particular Chapter II.2 concerning the rules of participation and the red list "


Nature Open Theme