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2018 “Sente·Antu Cup” International Photo Contest

¥1000,000 Cash Prize for the “Top 10 Photographers of the World”—“Sente·Antu Cup” International Photo Contest has reached its second edition. Last year's contest attracted some of the best photographers from around the world. The contest, opened to professional and amateur photographers alike, was designed with the goal of promoting diversified development of the photographic art, seeking excellent photographers and images from China and abroad, as well as setting up a platform for photographers to gain global exposure. In collaboration with Antu County Government, Global Photography is proud to present the 2018 “Sente·Antu Cup” International Photo Contest.




10 Winners, each receiving 100,000 RMB cash prize & Certificate & Trophy.
10 Nominations, each receiving Certificate & Press Card as a Contributing Photographer
10 Honorable Mentions, each receiving Certificate

Note: All the cash awards are before tax, and the organizer will withhold and remit tax. Winners will receive prizes at Antu County, Jilin Province, China. Fees generated by transportation and accommodation will be paid by entrants themselves. Those who fail to claim the prizes within the granted time are considered as waiving all rights. Besides, a photo shoot activity will be held at Changbai Mountain. After the ceremony, all the winners will be invited to visit the office of Global Photography in Tianjin for in-depth communication and future cooperations.


The Contest is open to all professional and amateur photographers and photography enthusiasts, of all ages and nationalities.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The copyright retains with the original author.
If You have been selected as a finalist of the Contest, You grant to Global Photography a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty free license in each entry throughout the world in all media for any use connected to the promotion of You the author and the Global Photography event and/or competition, including but not limited to: display at a potential exhibition of winners, potential publication of a book featuring select entries in the Contest, publication in Global Photography materials and/or online highlighting entries or winners of the Competition, and promoting the work of Global Photography generally without any remuneration being due.


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