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5th Vincent van Gogh Photo Award 2025


Nuenen – Step into the enchanting world of Vincent van Gogh for the 5th edition of our captivating photo exhibition, held in the historical landscapes of Nuenen where the master himself lived and worked from 1883 to 1885. From Saturday, September 6th to Sunday, September 28th, 2025, approximately 50 stunning photographs nominated in this international contest will be on display.

This year, we invite you to ignite your creativity in the modern era with the theme 'En Route'. Break the boundaries and think outside the box, just as Vincent did. Astonish us all! Let your camera serve as your paintbrush and seize this opportunity to participate in this thrilling contest! Photography, a hugely popular and rapidly evolving art form, invites you to explore what Vincent van Gogh might have captured through the lens if he were alive today. Imagine the places he would travel to take photographs if distances posed no barrier. People and nature, in all their forms and sizes, were his eternal sources of inspiration, and may they inspire your submissions as well.

Vincent had a unique ability to capture light on canvas in a miraculous way. Indeed, photography is akin to painting with light.

Will you be the celebrated winner of the 5th edition of this photo contest? Not only will the winner receive a prize of 1000 euros and the award, but their photo will also be exhibited for three weeks in the central park, a bustling tourist hub of Nuenen.

STUDENT AWARD: This edition of the Vincent van Gogh Photo Award also introduces a special competition for students, in collaboration with SintLucas. All students and young talents are invited to participate in the Student Award.

Seize this unique opportunity to blend tradition with contemporary vision and perhaps walk in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh. Your art could illuminate the landscape that once inspired one of the greatest painters in history. Come to Nuenen and let your photography shine!




1. 1000€ + Award + Exhibition
2. 500€ + Exhibition
3. 250€ + Exhibition

1. 500€ + Award + Exhibition
2. 250€ + Exhibition
3. 100€ + Exhibition


The sender claims to be the owner of the photograph(s) and, if applicable, to hold the portrait rights. – By submitting the sender provides the foundation permission for the photograph(s) (with photographer copyright credit) to be used for the implementation and promotion of this event, without additional compensation. All photographers retain copyright on their submitted images.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

All photographers retain copyright on their submitted images.


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