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The associations European House of Architecture – Upper Rhine and La Chambre are working together to enhance architectural photography. For every new edition of their festival Les Journées de l’architecture (The Days of Architecture), both associations care to offer a discovery of architecture through original photos and exhibitions, introducing to their audiences the work of international photographers.

In 2010, these two associations took the decision of expanding their fields of cooperation by launching the Archifoto– international awards of architectural photography contest. Archifoto aims to become a reference award by rewarding the photographers whose vision help us understand architecture, the urban landscape and the world…

The creative and documentary selection of Archifoto could become an original corpus about the complexity and the scale of architecture nowadays, seen through the eyes of those who live within.




The award ceremony for the winner of the 2 000€ prize.

The jury will select 5 photographers whose works will be produced (media and formats to be agreed between the organisers and the author).
This selection will be shown in an exhibition at La Chambre (Strasbourg), which will open in September 2022 during the Journées de l’Architecture. The dates and location of the exhibition will be specified by the organisers at a later date.


In addition to the nationals of the 27 member states of the European Union, Archifoto accepts applications from the following countries: Norway, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The authors of the selected photographs agree to transfer to La Chambre and the Maison Européenne de l’Architecture their reproduction and representation rights, excluding any commercial use, for the following uses: travelling exhibition of the works, communication relating to the promotion of the event in the traditional and multimedia media, possible publication of a catalogue, supply and use of a photographic collection. The photographs selected will remain the property of the authors. They will each be compensated with a lump sum of €500 including tax.