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BioPhotoContest 2022


The wonderful panorama of the natural ecosystems of the whole planet condensed in the best photographs by professional authors and advanced amateurs.
An international photographic competition, organized by the BioArt visual association, different, unique, which wants to make known and safeguard the great beauty of Biomes through some chapters that describe landscapes, animals, plants, insects, colors and shapes seen and told with an eye and particular sensitivities.
The images, through the inspiration and expertise of international amateur and professional photographers, will tell the story of the Biomes of this seventh edition:
From the last edition it is possible to participate with images belonging to 6 Biomes of the planet Earth. Discover the news on the web page.

Award ceremony on 8 October 2022 during the BioPhotoFestival in Maniago (PN).

Prizes: the competition provides for the assignment of 6 prizes, for the winning images of the category and an additional prize for the absolute winner of the competition, which the jury has evaluated as the most deserving for beauty and naturalistic content among the 72 images arrived in the final.




Absolute prize: the total value of the first prize is € 4000.00:

€ 2000.00 in cash
€ 2000.00 in photographic equipment
Category award: € 750.00 in photographic equipment

The cash prize includes travel expenses for participation in the award ceremony. If the winner is unable to attend the award ceremony, the prize will be reduced by € 500.00.


The Competition is open to professional and amateur photographers from all over the world.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

All the rights of the photos must be owned by the author, without any restrictions on the part of agencies or publishing houses.

The BioArt visual Association will have the right to use the winning and / or reported images of the competition free of charge for promotional purposes for publications in magazines, in the competition catalog, on websites, on any advertising brochures and calendars. Or to exhibit them in photographic exhibitions related to the competition and in any case whenever the organizers deem it necessary, citing the name of the authors of the images.


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