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Fall ISFA Photo Awards 2022


ISFA 2022/P101, GPU L220194, IAAP 2022/177
Our seasonal photography contests are held to improve the quality of art. In each season, we choose different genres and you can participate in them.
Creating a work of art has at least two purposes. One is to satisfy the inner sense of the creator of the work and the other is to be seen. Every year, many exhibitions and competitions are held all over the world, and as photographers, every time we participate in one of these events, we present our inner sense and also compete with others. To know if we are close to our mental goal or not. The value of a work is not ultimately about winning, but it can guide us to be better.
Totally $775 USD cash Prizes & +101 Awards!

- Best Author Award: $175 USD
- 24 Awards in Each Section: ISFA Gold Medal (+ $150 USD) +7 MEDALS +5 Ribbons +12 HM
1. Open Color (Only Color)
2. Macro
3. Nature
4. Portrait
- Maximum (8) photos per section
- Maximum (16) photos in all sections.
From $14 to $45 USD

There is also club/group discount.
- Closing: 01 Dec 2022
- Judging: 17 Dec 2022
- Publish Results: 27 Dec 2022




Totally $775 USD cash Prizes and 101 Awards!

Best Author Award: + $175 USD
24 Awards in Each Section:
ISFA Gold Medal (+ $150 USD)
GPU Gold Medal
Salon Gold Medal
ISFA Silver Medal
Salon Silver Medal
ISFA Bronze Medal
Salon Bronze Medal
2 ISFA Ribbon
2 GPU Ribbon
IAAP Ribbon
12 Honorable Mention
Section 1:
IAAP Silver Medal
Section 2:
IAAP Gold Medal
Section 3:
IAAP Bronze Medal
Section 4:
IAAP Bronze Medal


Entry is open to all photographers, amateur and professional.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Applicants retain the copyrights to any imagery submitted for the judges’ review, and to any
imagery they produce in their grant project.


Macro/Micro Portrait Nature Open Theme