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GESTE Paris: Meta_Contra_Verse


For this 6th edition of GESTE Paris we seek shape-shifting avatars, intangibilities, NFTs and minted and forged physical representations thereof, WEB 3.0, A.I. generated, digital and blockchain based works, the metaverse, and "verse" in general as a lyrical contra post in dialogue with historical art concepts of imaginary worlds.

This year's distinguished international jury will select six winning entries to be included in the exhibition open to the public from October through late November and online in conjunction with Paris Photo and Photo Days. GESTE Paris will purchase at least one work from the jury selection which will be added to the GESTE permanent art collection. Shortlisted artists will have their work included and displayed during the exhibition. The jury will look for works which address the theme of the exhibition, Meta_Contra_Verse, in a striking and original manner with a strong interplay between process, form and content.

The Open Call section of the exhibition receives submissions from all over the world and provides an opportunity to showcase new artists’ work that has not received the exposure it deserves alongside established artists. Beyond the exhibition itself there is a program for artist, curator and expert-led private tours, talks and events which will take place throughout the month of the exhibition. This opportunity echoes the very purpose of Paris Photo week, Photo Days, and beyond by participating in its abundance and legitimacy among collectors, artists and academics.

This years jury includes: Charlie Gepp (artist, collector, entrepreneur), Josh Hanes (founder Uplift Aerospace), Sarah Hughes (photographer, NYTimes photo editor), Tariq Krim (entrepreneur, technologist, philosopher), Dominic Palfreyman (collector, arts philanthropist) and Lexing Zhang (international curator).




Winners will be included in the forthcoming exhibition in Paris and at least one winner will have their work purchased by the organisers, GESTE Paris.


Anyone can enter

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Winner will grant a licence for the exhibition and its documentation.


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