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Handbali Magazine calls on artists and groups to present a documentary project that highlights natural or urban spaces, as well as the interaction between nature and human beings, to form the first digital publication of this new emerging photography fanzine.

Open to participants of any age and nationality, with projects completed or in progress, as close as possible to publication. The participants will commit themselves, in case they have not sent the finished project, that by the date of publication of the fanzine it will be ready for presentation.

Only one project per participant or group will be presented free of charge.
The project must be submitted via email in a single PDF file (.pdf) of no more than 10mb which will be sent to convocatoria@handbalimag.com and must contain:

- Personal data of the artist or members of the group (name and surname, identity card, nationality and contact details).

- Explanatory report, with the concepts generating the idea, work or project.

- Photographs (10-15) that reliably correspond to the sample or project, or at least fifty percent (50%) of the project.

- If the artist or group considers it necessary to include web pages or other links that expand on the information requested, they may do so in the body of the message corresponding to the sending of the file.

- The artist’s curriculum vitae or the collective’s trajectory detailing training, individual and/or collective exhibitions, prizes, other participations and any other information considered of interest for the purposes of evaluating the proposal and the author’s merits.

- The criteria for naming the PDF file with the documentation will be as follows: Name of the artist or collective.pdf. For example: abbott_berenice.pdf

Handbali Magazine’s organization will select from among all the proposals received, giving priority to quality works with development closer to publication. Those works that are not selected will go to the waiting list in case of cancellation.

The proposals will be evaluated by the team and organization that make up Handbali Magazine and their decisions will be unappealable. Five (5) projects will be selected.

These decisions will be officially communicated via web and social networks. Those selected will be contacted by email.

Once the jury’s decision has been communicated, the selected artists will be invited to participate in an interview for their future publication and dissemination on networks.




Being part of the first digital publication of this new emerging photography fanzine.


Handbali Magazine’s organization will select 5 final projects.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Participants assume responsibility for the authorship and originality of the works submitted and therefore the rights to the works submitted belong to the authors. On the other hand, Handbali Magazine may use the works presented exclusively for the promotion and diffusion of its activities, always including the name of the authors.


Landscape Documentary