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IMA next is a photography competition organized by the art photography platform IMA, open to anyone who wishes to participate. Every month, with one theme and one judge from various backgrounds and practices, the best works are selected and in such a way, the platform aims to find and support the young yet, unseen talents. Since its launch in spring 2019, with increasing numbers of international submissions, we welcome the photographer and cinematographer, Yoshiyuki Okuyama as judge for the theme, “Flower”.

As the global social media audience increases rapidly, the lifestyle in which photographing and looking at images have become a normal routine, submitting their own images online and getting assessed has become a lot easier.
It may perhaps be the blossoms in your houses the coronavirus pandemic or the petals falling with the gentle autumn breezes; We are looking forward to seeing the many possible depictions of “Flowers”.

Theme: “Flower”
From ancient times, flowers have coexisted with humans, soothing people's souls with their beauty while also serving as foods, poisons, and medicines. Flowers have further come to be seen as symbols of life, spreading their roots down into the earth in their multitude of colours and forms, each expressing its own unique qualities. When the time comes, their sprouts born freely in nature and their buds raised carefully in the city will bloom to bring forth new seeds. Many artists have sought to convey their lovely forms in works depicting vibrant bouquets and supple flowers. Photographs, which can capture in a single shot the fleeting beauty of flowers that bloom but for a moment, are one such endeavor. Please try to express the countless beauties of flowers through images.

Yoshiyuki Okuyama(Photographer/Cinematographer)
Born in Tokyo in 1991. Recipient of the Award of Excellence for “Girl” at Canonʼs 34th New Cosmos of Photography competition in 2011.
Recipient of the 47th Kodansha Publishing Culture Award for Photography with “BACON ICE CREAM” in 2016. Major photo collections include “As the Call, So the Echo,” “The Good Side,” “Kimi No Sumu Machi” (“The Town you Live In), “PACARI SWEAT,” and “Los Angeles / San Francisco.” Main exhibitions include “BACON ICE CREAM” at PARCO MUSEUM (2016), “Kimi No Sumu Machi” at Omotesando Hills Space O (2017), “As the Call, So the Echo” at Gallery 916 (2017), and “Shiroi Hikari” (“White Light”) at Canon Gallery S (2019).

How?: Please chose the theme you would like to enter for and fill out the appropriate submission form. Make sure you chose the right form as it is different depending on each theme. 1〜5 can be uploaded for each entry, however, in that case, all your photographs in the entry will be judged as 1series. If you would like to submit multiple series, please make another entry. There is no limit to the number of entries per theme.
Entry Fee: 2000 JPY per each entry. Credit card payments only (Visa、Mastercard、American Express).

IMA next is a photography competition open to anyone who wishes to participate. Every month, one theme and one judge from various backgrounds and practices will be announced. The winner will be awarded with a cash prize along with a feature on IMA ONLINE, IMA magazine or with possible opportunities to exhibit his/her works at other occasions organized by IMA.
This is essentially a platform that offers the chance for one of your photographs to open its wings and learn to fly away into the world of art photography. It may be your carefully designed and thought-through photographs taken with your favourite camera or it may also be an accidental shot with your smartphone that turned out to be a great image. Anything is welcome. Our aim is to discover new talents from all over the world through IMA next




Grand Prix: 100,000 JPY Cash Prize
(A selection of opportunities below depending on the nature of your work)
・Feature on IMA magazine
・Exposure on IMA ONLINE and IMA official social media
Shortlist: Exposure on IMA ONLINE and IMA official social media


The applicant must be older than 16 years old. Otherwise, anyone is welcome! We have no restriction in terms of your nationality, age, gender or experience (Professional/Amateur).

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

You will retain full copyright to all your submissions. However, by submitting your photographs, you will grant us the right to use the images in relation to the competition on our social media, the promotion of the winners or of the competition. For more details, please refer to our terms and conditions.