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IV Edition Esperanza Pertusa International Photography Prize

The Fundación Esperanza Pertusa convenes the Fourth Edition of the Esperanza Pertusa International Photography Arward. The goal of this Prize is to recognise and disseminate the work of professional or amateur photographers inspiring positive social transformation by addressing the poverty and social exclusion experienced by millions of human beings across the world.
They say that to SEE is all we need to do to transform reality. The aim of this Prize is to recognise the power of the gaze for social transformation. Hence, this Prize values the artistic dimension, beauty and the ability to summon the gaze of the spectator.

Poverty and beauty: an apparent contradiction in terms which only the power of art can wholly express.

Entries for the Esperanza Pertusa International Photography Prize may be submitted by authors of any nationality and place of residence who have reached the age of majority at the time of submitting their candidacy. These entries must consist of original and unpublished works focusing on poverty and social exclusion, not previously awarded in other competitions, and with editing rights not committed.

Each participant may submit a single work, consisting of a photographic project including the project title, three digital photographs, and a brief descriptive memo of the project.
The three digital photographs may be in any technique, in black and white or color, and related to the same photographic project.

The memo should be between 200 and 400 words long, describing the origin, motivation, and any other relevant information about the work.




First prize: 2000 euros
Runner-up 1: 500 euros
Runner-up 2: 500 euros


Photographers of legal age of any nationality from any place of residence may submit for the Esperanza Pertusa Photography Prize original and unpublished works on the subject of poverty and social exclusion, as long as those works have not previously won prizes in other competitions and as long as their publishing rights have not been committed.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The copyright of the works submitted to the competition must be held by their authors.