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Malta International Photo Award 2018


The Malta International Photo Award (MIPA) is a photography award that aims at providing aspiring photographers from all around the globe with the chance to share their passion and world. We strive to connect the world through photography, and showcase the nature and cultures of different regions of the world to a global audience.
MIPA wants to provide international photographers with a deep insight into different approaches towards photography, and we hope to encourage people to push their personal and professional boundaries.

Five categories: City, Nature, People, Abstract and Storytelling.

An International jury made up of international curators, photo editors and photographers will assign cash prizes and the winners will be exhibited at the prestigious Malta Postal Museum in Valletta.

Here at the Malta International Photo Award, we believe that every photographer should have the opportunity to learn and grow from the work that they submit. As such, we are committed to providing the opportunity for every participant submitting photographs to choose to have them reviewed by one of our expert Jury members.

Our evaluation process (optional) is both clear and transparent, and will allow photographers to receive personal feedback about their pictures from the Chairman of the Jury, Prof. Arne Hodalič. Arne is currently the photo editor of National Geographic Magazine (Slovene Edition), and has over four decades of photography experience to his name. His work has been featured in several renowned publications including National Geographic Magazine, Life (USA), Time, Marie Claire, Nature, Die Zeit, Figaro Magazine, and many others.




The grand prize will be awarded for the top 3 photos or collections (for storytelling) from each category - a total amount of €45,000.

This will be split into each of the five categories:

The winning picture receives €5,000

The runner-up receives €3,000

The third placed picture receives €1,000

The second Prize will be awarded to the top 15 photos or collections (for storytelling) from each category.
The selected pictures and collections will be exhibited at the prestigious Malta Postal Museum in Valletta, Malta, during a public exhibition in February 2019.

The third prize will be awarded to the top 25 photos or collections (for storytelling) from each category.
The selected pictures and collections will be featured in a high quality publication by the Malta International Photo Award.

In addition, all pictures selected for the above prizes will be listed on our website under the ‘Winners Gallery’, as well as international recognition for each photographer through our marketing process.


To qualify to enter the MIPA competition, you must be over 18 years of age or older, professional and amateur photographers alike.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

5.1. MIPA recognizes you retain full ownership of the copyright in each photograph that you have submitted.
5.2. Not every photograph submitted to the competition will be publicly visible on MIPA. There are too many submissions for each one to be shown on the site. The pictures on the website are pre-selected by MIPA editors.
5.3. All entrants agree that all photograph(s) submitted to the competition may be reproduced (with photographer copyright credit) and used to conduct andpromote MIPA the respective MIPA competitions. You hereby grant MIPA with a right to use submitted photographs in the framework of such promotional activities.
5.4. Any photograph used by MIPA shall carry a credit line. Any failure to provide such credit line shall not be deemed to be a breach, as long as MIPA uses its reasonable endeavours to rectify such failure within a reasonable period from the date of notice of such failure.
5.5. In the event that you are awarded at the ”Malta International Photo Award 2018” you hereby authorize MIPA and/or third parties appointed by MIPA, unlimited as to time, territory and content, irrevocably and also royalty- free,
to use my photos for press, marketing and communication purposes in connection with the competition for the ”Malta International Photo Award” and the exhibitions planned afterwards and also on the internet, including social media,

to use, display or project my photos in the context of the ”Malta International Photo Award” (e.g. in galleries, at photo festivals, etc.) and the exhibitions planned afterwards and also on the internet including social media,

to display or project my photos, or to have them displayed, within the scope of exhibitions, specifying the competition provided that, in each case, credit is given by stating either my first and last name, or, if upon my explicit request, my pseudonym (artist’s name).

5.6. In the event that you are awarded at the ”Malta International Photo Award 2018”, you agree that the produced images (e.g. prints, posters, edited photos) will pass into the ownership of ”Malta International Photo Award 2018” and thereby become part of the historical archive dedicated to the culture of photography. ”Malta International Photo Award 2018” is not allowed to sell these photos.
5.7. All photographs that are not awarded will be deleted and will not be used for any further activities of MIPA.


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