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Nature Unbound

A creative challenge to explore the interaction between the human world, nature, and its recolonisation of landscapes, habitats and abandoned terrain.

Once again, award-winning photographer, Jason Ingram, will judge the Photography Competition. In 2022 he was the Garden Media Guild (GMG) Gordon Rae Photographer of the Year, and the GMG Features Photographer of the Year.

Jason is looking forward to seeing some creative interpretations of the ‘Nature Unbound’ theme:
“How does nature interact with the human world? It surrounds all of us - a majestic landscape, an arid desert, a beautiful garden, a single tree, a flower. Here’s an opportunity to explore the power of nature; how it breaks out to recapture an abandoned building perhaps, or an abandoned terrain.

“Sometimes the best shots come when you’re least expecting them. When you start to shoot keep the brief in your mind but don’t allow it to stifle your creativity. I’ll be looking at how people tackle the subject matter but I’ll also look at composition and use of light. Light is key; when the light is really working for the subject matter I know it will always help me to create my best image.

“Above all, I want people to enjoy the process and rise to the challenge of seeking out a truly special shot.”




The competition has three age categories, with a money prize for the winner of each: 18 and over - £300; 12-17 - £100; and 11 and under - £50.


Open to amateur photographers of all ages

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Sole copyright rests with the originator of the photograph however Shepton Snowdrop Festival reserves the right to use winning images for publicity purposes, giving full credit to the originator.