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‘Objetivo África’: Digital transformation in Africa

Casa África announces its XII Photography Contest «Objetivo África», which will reward the photographs that best publicise the positive aspects of the African continent in the field of digital transformation in Africa, this year's theme. The world is immersed in an accelerating process of digital transformation. The development of the Internet and, especially, of mobile phones, is opening new ways to promote and strengthen the development of the African continent. Other factors, such as high demographics and the youth of an already digital native population -41% of its population is under the age of 15- are an asset to the development of digital technologies in its territory.

Africa, an increasingly urban continent, capable of offering smart city services, the development of applications in sectors of great importance such as agriculture or artificial intelligence as a tool to better tackle climate change is some of the examples of what is intended to be reflected and highlighted through the photographs awarded in this call for entries. The aim of this edition is therefore to certify through images how this digital transformation is taking place on the African continent.




• First prize: 1,000 €
• Second prize: 500 €
• Third prize: 300 €


All natural persons over 18 years of age who are authors of photographs that capture images related to the African continent that the Casa África Consortium establishes in each call for entries may participate and opt for the awards.

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