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Picture Award 2023 – ANIMALS


Take part in the international Picture Award, with a prize pool of over €400 and secure your place in our Top 10

​The current category is Animals (deadline August 31). Show us your masterpieces. Whether it's Macro shots, wildlife or a beautiful portrait moments.

And if you want we show your pictures on our Instagram to our community and tag your channel of course.




Gold Medal Winner: €250 + Certificate
Silver Medal Winner: €100 + Certificate
Bronze Medal Winner: €50 + Certificate
Rank 4 to 10: Certificate each



Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Of course, it is strictly forbidden to submit images that you have not created yourself. We publish your submitted images on our Instagram if you want. Therefore, we ask you to enter your Instagram account in the application form so that we can link you. If you don't want to publish your pictures to our community just leave the field in the form empty. No images will be published uncurated, but we ask all submitters not to send any pornographic or criminal content. If people are to be seen in the images, we assume that the submitter has permission to publish these people.


Nature Wildlife Macro/Micro