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Truth and Consequences: A Reckoning

2020 and 2021 have challenged the status quo in more ways than one. The spread of a global pandemic, the economic crisis, social and civil unrest, and an attack on the Capitol. All of this and more have challenged us to reckon with the truth and its consequences. These crises have highlighted the fragility of our systems, the inequity in our safety nets, the pitfalls of capitalism, the dangers of misinformation, and the power of our collective voice.

Where do we go from here? Did we learn anything? How can artists help direct a shift? As Nina Simone said, "An Artist's duty is to reflect the times." This year, SPE is seeking presentations by artists, scholars, and researchers whose work confronts our ever-changing reality and explores where we go from here. We are seeking proposals that investigate our relationship to the truth in our current landscape, and the consequences of a tumultuous period of reckoning.




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