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Tuŝis IV – Celebrating the Crafted Image


Tuŝis means "touched" in Esperanto and this year’s contest, Tuŝis IV, celebrates the hand-made, manipulated, crafted image. Subtle or dramatic, straight or strange, every artist's touch shows a presence, a meaning, an intention, a "soul" beyond literal subject matter. Tuŝis IV will gather together a collection of extraordinary examples of manipulated images – photomontage, lens-based experiments and mixtures, alternative processes, and all other creative departures for a special edition of Dek Unu Magazine. International artist-photographers of all pedigrees and backgrounds are invited to submit groups of five images that celebrate the artist’s unique touch and singular soul.

Five images and narratives from each of five artists, along with bio and links for each artist will be published as the August 2024 edition of Dek Unu Magazine online and in paperback. Artists' work and words will be promoted extensively via the magazine's email, web, and social media networks. Selected works from each artist become part of the permanent collection online at Dek Unu Gallery. Entry fees for all five of the jurors' selections will be refunded to the artists. The overall winner will receive a $250 USD cash award.




Publication as the August 2024 edition of Dek Unu Magazine online and in print, extensive promotion via email, web, and social media, 5 winners entry fees refunded, first prize $250 USD.


18+ years old

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Copyrights remain with the artist.


Fine Art