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UNESCO-UNEVOC SkillsinAction Photo Competition


UNESCO-UNEVOC SkillsinAction Photo Competition is open for amateur or professional photographers 18 years old and above. This event is in celebration of the World Youth Skills Day by capturing images of technical skills.

It is time to highlight the opportunities and the positive impact of TVET for people, their families and their local communities.

We want you to capture amazing moments when skills are in action, showing how vocational (TVET) and skills development are contributing to one of the following:

1. Encouraging youth employment and entrepreneurship – showing how youth are able to put skills acquired into practice, leading to securing jobs or starting their own businesses.

2. Promoting equity and gender equality – showing how access to skills development should be for all young people and how skills development can overcome gender stereotypes and inequality issues

3. Facilitating transition to sustainable economies and societies - showing how young people with greening and digital (ICT) skills can help build sustainable societies and help address climate change and sustainable development related issues

The photographs should focus on highlighting examples and role models, such as students, junior workers, and young teachers/trainers, who are enabling the achievement of any of the above thematic priorities and illustrate a better image of TVET.




The winners of the Skills in Action Photo Competition will win cash prizes along with certificates and their photos will also be featured on UNESCO-UNEVOC website and its social media platforms.

300 USD - First prize winner
200 USD - Second prize winner
100 USD - Third prize winner


Open for professionals and amateur photographers, 18 years old and above. We especially encourage students and young people to partake on this event using your skills.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

All relevant photos submitted will be part of the UNESCO-UNEVOC photo album in Flickr and will be regarded as an Open Access Repository, which may be accessed by anyone under Creative Commons 3.0 IGO License.


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