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Photographs submitted for the Contest must be made in photographic techniques such as: photography from film, photography from membrane, polaroid, camera obscura etc., noble techniques including daguerreotype, wet collodion plate, calotype, kallitype, cyanotype, anthotype, platinotype, palladotype or digital techniques but subjected to such processes (treatment) so that their final version is related to noble techniques (e.g. through Instagram application) and so has the “vintage” look. Only coherent photographic sets can be submitted (minimum of 7 photographs). Single photographs will not be considered by the commission.
Only one project may be submitted in a single application. Only individual projects will be accepted (group exhibitions cannot be submitted).
The works included in the Project should be made in person, and they must not be encumbered in any way with the rights of third parties.
The project should be submitted via email by 01.07.2018 (by 12:00 AM CET) on:




From among projects submitted by the Participants, the Jury will select three finalists. The Winner of VINTAGE GRAND PRIX will be awarded PLN 2500 (gross value). Second finalist will be awarded PLN 1500 (gross value), third finalist will be awarded PLN 1000 (gross value). Terms and method of awarding the prize will be defined in separate agreements.
The winning projects of all three finalists will be presented in a form of an exhibition during 4th International Festival of Analog Photography Lovers — VINTAGE PHOTO FESTIVAL.



Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Upon submitting the application, the Participant declares that he/she:
is the author of the submitted Project and holds all and unlimited copyrights to it and that the Project is free from claims from third parties.
grants the Organizer a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, subject to cessation, unlimited territorially license for 5 years (separate contract after this time) to use the awarded Project in order to implement and promote the 4th International Festival of Analog Photography Lovers — VINTAGE PHOTO FESTIVAL in all fields of exploitation.
The Organizer declares that the granted license will be used with respect for personal goods of the Participants.