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WeCare Festival: Living to the end

WeCare Festival: Living to the end
International Festival of Creative Representations of the End of Life

WeCare promotes knowledge about important issues at the end of life through research, training and other social actions.
The end of life is often identified with suffering. With this festival, we want to reflect that life can be meaningful, in all circumstances, until the end.
For this reason, this competition aims to present the end of life as a situation in which we can find meaning. Through the photographs, a voice will be given to the patients, family members and healthcare professionals who experience this situation.
The festival will also include panel discussions between experts from different disciplines. We aim to provide information about, give greater visibility and generate debate about the end of life.

Submissions that reflect the end of life from the following perspective will be admitted:
People with advanced illnesses
Elderly people
People with chronic illness or physical limitations
Children or adolescents facing the end of their life or that of those around them
Family members, friends and caregivers
Healthcare professionals
Other related themes

The festival will take place in March 2018.




1st prize - 400 euros


open to all

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

WeCare Chair and the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya may use the submitted photographs for teaching and dissemination means both inside and outside of the festival dates (always referencing the photographer). The photographs selected by the judges may be included in the book and exhibition to commemorate the first edition of this festival.